Saturday, April 2, 2011

Enhanced Bookmarks for iGoogle

While I'm on the topic of gadgets:  Let's cover Enhanced Bookmarks.  Here is one of the gadgets available to personalize your google home page that I absolutely love!  Now that I have figured out how to create separate home page "tabs" (see last post), I can add this gadget to each personalized tab and put only those bookmarks in it that directly relate to the focus of that tab. 

Searching under "add stuff" on your google home page, and using the keyword of "bookmarks", you will find at least a couple of choices.  This one is called "Enhanced Bookmarks".  It allows you to quickly add the name for a specific favorite website along with the URL, and then open it on that page or by using the box to the right, in a new tab or window (my preference).  You end up with a list in alphabetical order by the name you gave it.  Simple, quick, and easy to use.

For years I've "managed" my bookmarks or favorites by keeping them in folders by topic.  But that implies having to access the bookmarks menu, and drill down through a couple of headers and sub-topics to get to the one I wish to use.  By placing the most commonly used URLs on my homepage I can get to them readily.   And now that I can do this by topic using the tabbed home page feature, I'm really excited.


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  1. Thanks for this tip. I have now added Enhanced Bookmarks to my homepage. I switched from Safari to Firefox as my main browser due to some compatibility problems with Safari. However, I don't really like Firefox's bookmarking system; it is far more laborious than Safari's.