One of our goals is to help beginning genealogists navigate their way, not only through the basics of research methodology, but through the swamp of all the new technology.  I only refer to this as a "swamp" as there is literally something new to try or know about every day.  I think if I spent my entire life, 24x7, doing nothing but reading and learning about all the new tips and tools, I still wouldn't know everything.  But do I have to?  Probably not.  As to technology, the basics are the same.  If you know how to navigate through a search on one web page, you can probably figure out how to navigate through another.  Same with software.  Although they each have their pros and cons, features and lack of, there are some basics that are common to all.

So, here you see a resource page being built one piece of information at a time.  We don't expect to replace all of the other great resources out there.  In fact, where they exist, we will point to them.  Where they don't, or we feel they don't meet the need, we will build them.  Wish us luck.  And check back from time to time to see what we have accomplished.

FHC Portals: One of the best kept secrets about Family History Centers is the FHC Portal, which provides patrons access to several premium websites.  Of recent note is that has recently returned to their previous practice of providing their full subscription database through the portal rather than a downscaled "institutional" version.  I applaud this move heavily.  Those of us who want to have for use at home will continue to subscribe, even when there is a FHC only a mile away.  And for the rest?  What a great service!

In addition to, the FHC portal provides free access to these premium websites:
   19th Century British Library Newspaper Digital Archive
   Alexander Street Press – The American Civil War
   Find My
   The Genealogist
   Godfrey Memorial Library
   Heritage Quest Online
   Historical Map Works Library Edition
   World Vital Records

People Search: Genealogy Records:  A kind young student from Arroyo Vista Charter School in Chula Vista California pointed us to this genealogy resource list hosted by peoplefinders.  The site lists topics from "What is Genealogy?" to "DNA Testing," and includes a brief description or definition along with a click-through link for more information.  Check it out at  Thanks Tia!