Wednesday, May 30, 2012

20 Minute Genealogist

20 Minute Genealogist

20 Minute Genealogist tree 

I recently came upon website that will help us know where we need to be concentrating our efforts in our research. It uses our family trees collected on New FamilySearch.  It also has an app available for your phone.  it is called "20 minute Genealogist" it's a fun site that gives a graphic representation of the work needed in our family trees.

Although it doesn't give you any further research information I can tell by looking at it that I need to focus more on my mother's side of the family!

20 Minute Genealogist
It is still in Beta test but like I said, a fun way to see where you are at in your family history work!

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  1. OK, so it took me a week or so to find the time to try this out. Bless my soul--for a fairly tech-savvy woman, it took a while to get this system to work for me. Some things just weren't obvious. So, a quick few tips:

    First check the settings...this will chart by what you tell it to chart--whether you are missing birth or death events, relationships, etc. Next, if you don't see your name by the little pink or blue icon on the left, click on "My Ancestors". Then, be very very patient while the spinning wheel does its thing. Once you get the chart, you can hover over or click on a space to get the info on that person. Then you can click for more information if needed.

    It could have just been my internet connection at the time, but I occasionally felt like the "20 minutes" were to be spent "waiting" for something to come up. :) Sorry--I know it is new and still in beta format. Patience has never been my best virtue.

    Note that this only works with FamilySearch, which means many of us will have to wait until we all have access to the FamilyTree portion of FamilySearch; those who have access to new.familysearch will be able to log in now. It only covers the first 5 generations, but for many, that is sufficient to find places that need more work, including the end of line individuals where no parents are listed.

    Could be a fun program to watch as it continues to develop.