Thursday, March 3, 2011

Back in the USA!

While in India I had a great deal of difficulty in using the internet.  If we had electricity, we didn't have internet. Often we would have power but no internet.  How great it is to be back in the US of A! I spent the last 3 weeks setting up my daughter's town house in Rexburg, Idaho, to accommodate the addition of myself and my fifteen year old son. I have a work space and but I am using a borrowed computer. My next big task is getting a computer so I don't have to borrow my daughter's all the time.  After all, she is a student and needs to do her homework.  Who would have thought the day would come when I would heard the words, "Mom you need to get off the computer so I can do my homework!"

I have an iMac 27" in India much to my husbands enjoyment.  So, what to get for the American side of the family.  We will eventually be living in the same household again so do I really want the same computer?  I think I will be ordering the 21" iMac for here in the USA.  It will work well with my IPad, which is important, the IPad has been a wonderful tool for me, not only can I carry my family tree with me using Ancestry to go, but I have access to my e-mail and other files while on the road.  Dropbox has been wonderful for this transition.

 I uploaded everything I would need from my computer to Dropbox, before I left India, now all I need is my new computer! But, in the meantime, I still have access to my photos and files while on the road.  This will be very helpful when I travel to South Carolina for the annual NGS conference this May.
You can find Dropbox here:

It truly is an amazing time to be involved in researching your family history.  Every day wonderful new "toys" and resources are being adapted to make our work easier.

On a side note, when I registered my son for school here, I felt like I had entered into a time warp. The girls  have adopted the hairstyles from the late fifty's, early sixty's.  After having traveled around the world it was even more startling to see. Nowhere else had I come across these retro hairstyles.  They also really like fishnet stockings here.  For a moment I felt like I had stepped onto the set of "Hairspray" or "Grease".  It just goes to show the more things change the more they stay the same1

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