Wednesday, March 2, 2011


There are a myriad of resources available online, from tutorials to waypointing sites to live webinars.  No shortage of methods by which to learn our craft.  Still, there are pieces that may be a bit elusive to the newcomer--like just where do we find all of these resources?  Or the overwhelmed--like how do I filter it down to just the ones I need the most? 

One of our goals is to help with the basics.  Not to replace what already exists, mind you, but to fill in some of the gaps as we see them--point to the resources where already quite nicely done, and add our own when we see fit.  So, having just attended a webinar by Dear Myrtle hosted by Legacy on Blogging, we have created a new page to store those resources.

The Resources Tab will be a work in progress.  But please feel free to let us know what you think the needs are.  What is missing out there?  What do you wish someone would just write a very simple instruction page for? 

Mary Jane has been quite busy of late reading through forums on the various software products and finds that one place we probably need to begin is a basic lesson on sourcing in software.  Many seem to avoid doing it or just place all their information in notes because it seems too difficult to navigate.  So, you can look forward to that one in the future, along with our personal reviews on some of the software options available out there.

What else?  You tell us!

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